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Desserts by Dana is a multi award winning bakery located in Newark, DE. Known for their ability to go above and beyond with their cake creations, these bakers and artists live and breathe in the sweet world of pastry arts, where flavor and color come to life. Led by Celebrity Chef Dana Herbert, known as “The Sugar Daddy” or “The Cake Doctor”, because of his amazing work with pulled and blown sugar. They are also known as Delaware’s “King of Cakes.” Desserts By Dana prides itself on our wonderful wedding cakes, sugar sculptures, custom cakes, and tasty miniature desserts for all occasions. Our mission is to make every event timeless. Desserts By Dana also does amazing dessert catering including their Cold Slab Ice Cream Station, Delicious Fruit Towers and Fountains, and more.

Virtual Classes Available!

Join us for an exclusive and interactive online cooking class with Celebrity Chef Dana Herbert aka The Sugar Daddy, aka The Cake Doctor!  Welcome to my kitchen where we put the LOVE IN THE PAN…get ready for some fun in the kitchen!

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Gift Certificates Available!

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Dessert Portfolio

Dana Herbert, owner of Desserts by Dana, resides in Bear, Delaware. Chef Herbert lives and breathes in the sweet and artistic world of pastry art, where flavor and color come to life in his wonderful wedding cakes, sugar sculptures, custom cakes, and tasty miniature desserts for all occasions.

Main services we provide

Our services are the best in town, we provide great quality baked products


Our cupcakes can be decorated to suit any occasion. From birthdays to weddings, our cupcakes are the perfect single-serving confection.


We are dedicated to making cakes that are both moist and flavorful. All of our cakes are frosted and decorated with precision.

Lots of Desserts

Fresh baked desserts available everyday. Come in and pick out your favorites from our display or place a custom order.


Our sumptuous sugar cookies are a labor of love. They are made from scratch using only the finest ingredients and extracts.

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Kids Happy Hour

Kids 12 and under.  $1.50 cupcakes from
Tuesday through Friday

$2 Cupcake Tuesdays

Come in and pick up some of our signature cupcakes

$1 Mini Cannoli Wednesdays

Come in and pick up some of our signature mini cannolies

Cook with Me

When it comes to burning in the kitchen Dana is an expert. Dana is trained in both Culinary and Pastry which makes him a double threat in any kitchen. He loves to blend his sweet and savory style together. This caught the eye of James Beard and they asked Dana to be a part of the James Beard Celebrity Chef Tour which has been running for approximately 10 years. Organizers of the tour loved his work so much that they announced that Dana’s course was Top Ten All- Time Desserts on tour. Dana has authored a book called the Sweet and Savory Union as a result of his love for blurring the lines between sweet and savory. Chef also tours the country with Novo Nordisk educating people with Diabetes on how they can make their culinary creations delicious, nutritious, and sensible for a sugar free diet. Dana feels as though the key to living a long life starts with everything in moderation, and balance.

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